Mariia Tseveleva

‘Into the Woods’ Bracelet

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Mariia Tseveleva was born in 1988 in Seversk, Tomsk Region, Russia. In 2011 graduated as Clinical Psychologist from Tomsk State University, she founded a work in Tomsk Politechnical University as a consulter psychologist. After a few years of working as a psychologist and finishing different courses(workshops) as oil painting, photography, industrial design, website design, sculpture and ceramic, she decided to change her professional field. In 2016 she applied her documents to RMIT University on Bachelor of Art (Fine Art) Gold & Silversmithing. In May 2017 Mariia start work in InSyncDesign contemporary jewellery company which creator/maker Iris Saar Isaacs. In 2018 Mariia and her partner Raneen Wardy established the brand “Creative Contradiction”. In 2019 after graduation from RMIT University “Creative Contradictions” brand took long term brake. In March Mariia finished her Summer Studio Residence in Docklands and opened her first personal exhibition “Tips for Chips”.