The Principal’s Lounge

McCulloch & McCulloch Aboriginal Art at Principal’s Lounge, Art Red Hill, 2016. Sponsored by Mornington Prime Cuts.

Mornington Prime Cuts

Curators floor talks Saturday April 30, 2.30 pm and Sunday May 1 at 11.30am.

Glowing colours and a wide range of styles feature in Aboriginal art from around Australia in this year’s Principal’s Lounge. Curated by McCulloch & McCulloch of Shoreham’s Whistlewood Gallery more than 40 paintings and ochres will be available. Featuring new works from the Western, Eastern and Southern Deserts, Utopia, the APY Lands, the Kimberley and the Mornington Peninsula, this stand- alone display offers a great opportunity to access a wide range of exciting new Aboriginal art by rising stars and established artists from leading art centres around Australia.

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