Stella Greig

‘Blue Horizon 6#’
152cm x 122cm


Stella Greig is a Melbourne Bayside emerging artist. She graduated from RMIT University majoring in ceramics and painting. Stella has had a professional role as art educator and has taught visual art for over 30 years. Stella’s paintings are personal journeys into abstraction of the beauty and the tranquility of the sea. It is through her paintings of the sea that have enabled her to observe its reflections, the diverse colour harmonies and that changing mood. For Stella It has been a very rewarding challenge to navigate her way through the idea of the “HORIZON” into finished paintings. It is this idea of an imagery line, the horizon, and that shift that has occupied her investigation and art practise with oil paint on canvas. Stella has exhibited locally in various art shows and in retail spaces. Stella is currently working in a studio in Mordialloc. Le studio Artspace and Gallery.