Maureen Whitaker

‘I Put All My Trust in You’
95cm x 95cm

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Maureen Whitaker’s work combines interesting layers of textures with vibrant colours in an array of mediums. “My abstracts are moody, expressive and gestural; they are more concerned with colour, line, form, and texture than subject matter. They are not based on reality; instead they are reflections of the moods and emotions I’m feeling at the time, which could explain why my work is so eclectic. I don’t pre-plan my abstract works; instead, I allow them to happen organically. I love to experiment with media and colour palettes as well as textiles, papers, and organic and recycled objects. I enjoy the challenge of finding interesting ways to incorporate and manipulate them to create complex, textured pieces with depth and a sense of mystery. I look for original and unusual ways to translate the images in my head onto the canvas, giving them an ‘element of surprise’ that draws people in.