Adele Muleta

Raised in the leafy suburbs, my connection with nature started early. I spent the days in my tree house and evenings sky gazing, under the spell of the moon. At university I studied astronomy, archaeology and prehistoric art. Unsurprisingly, my creative path led me to ceramics, a Neolithic art form. I am drawn to the tactile nature of clay – there’s something innately rewarding and primitive about building things by hand using mud from the Earth, then setting it alight.

We owe everything to fire, it’s what separates us from our simian ancestors. It’s the reason we grew, developed and began to explore the furthermost parts of this planet. My art is inspired by my own explorations and the rugged beauty of the natural world. I aim to create pieces that represent these interests, with minimal environmental impact. Clay works are handmade, minerals are ethically sourced and wood is sustainably harvested.