by Emerald Pear

Love art but not so confident about buying it for your home? We asked Kristy from Emerald Pear, who loves art and styling homes, to share some of her top tips on what to keep in mind.

Art is very personal, so we believe the simple answer to choosing artwork is to choose something you love, and something that makes you happy!

When choosing an artwork remember that colour is a major consideration. Most people will be drawn to a particular colour, so trust your instincts. If you want a relaxed, calming feel you can choose blues and greens. Warm colours feel welcoming and bright combinations stimulate an area.


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Choose a canvas or print that is similar to the shape of the wall. If it is long and horizontal choose a large rectangle shape or a collection of pieces on that wall. If it is narrow and high, choose a piece to accentuate the height of the wall.


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Large walls, with large artworks can make a visual statement, and keep in mind that the bolder the art, the more room it needs around it. The right piece can look amazing and make a room feel even bigger.

Art that is too large will take over the space, and art that is too small can feel lost and seem out of proportion.

Measure the space you want to hang the art and leave enough space around it so that the painting will not feel crowded. It’s a great idea to have your wall measurements with you when you’re choosing art, and take your tape measure with you.


Framing of an art piece is very important. A good framer can give advice as to how to frame the actual artwork, but always keep in mind the other elements and pieces in the room and how the frame will work cohesively with them. image arts heaven


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When hanging artwork, a great tip is to use painter’s masking tape on your wall to mark the outline of your artwork before hanging, it’s easily removed and saves many mistakes. A place to start is to aim for the centre of the painting at eye level but there’s no set-in-stone rules, you can even lean it up against a wall!

Art brings out the personality of your home, so take your time, get advice if you’re unsure, and enjoy.

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