Sealey Brandt

‘Wild Mongolian Ponies’ 1/5
Museum Quality Framing
1140mm x 1630mm

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Sealey Brandt has been photographing since the ripe old age of three. Influenced by her father Brian Brandt – godfather of advertising photography. Aged ten, Sealey had her own darkroom and would process her film by hand. Since, Sealey has assisted and worked for various photographers throughout Australia, Europe and America.

Breathing life and vision into whom she photographs, Sealey inspires her subjects and lives to capture timeless moments. To become a master of photography there is skill, patience and an ingredient of talent that is vital.

Sealey has photographed over 1,200 families throughout the world and travels to unique locations to create fine art exhibitions. Mongolia you see here is one example. Africa is the next.

Singapore Tatler has awarded Sealey with Best Portrait and Family Photographer of the Year for the last six years.

After 20 years of living oversees Sealey has returned to Melbourne.