Sarah Kerr

Sarah Kerr

Sterling Silver Ring


My creative instincts lead me from a background in Graphic Design to the intricate world of jewellery making.

I had always been an artist, filling my spare time doodling with anything that would mark the paper. I am a lover of all things old, and certainly respect the traditional aspect of jewellery making that hasn’t been changed by technology. My work is an expression of interpreted detail, that produces an elaborate permutation of a time past.

Stemming from notions explored in the Baroque and Victorian Eras, my jewellery often boasts excessive ornamentation and complexity of line, taking metal to a place normally occupied by supple fabrics. I draw inspiration particularly from pattern and form, using shape and repetition to create unique designs. Nature and all of its intricacies form an enormous part of my sub-conscious imagery bank, leaving me constantly drawing on the beauty found in everyday life.