Sarah Clark

75cm x 75cm

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Sarah has attended various art classes, but is mainly self taught. She initially used the front room of her house as her workroom, but rapidly outgrew the space. Sarah’s new ‘Balinese style’ studio is built on a rural property in Aireys Inlet, overlooking a flourishing vegetable garden; a traquil and inspiring space to work.

Sarah creates abstract artworks using inks and resins and bases her works on images from the natural, external environment. Sarah is inspired by the sights as she rides her bicycle down the Great Ocean Road. She aims to produce artwork which evokes emotions of joy/pleasure and wondering, allowing the viewer to use his/her own imagination as to what is seen in the artwork. Typically everyone sees something different in Sarah’s artwork, as each piece is truly unique and non replicable.

Sarah has developed her artwork into a range of ‘Series Of Works’.