Rosa Mar Tato Ortega

Potential Impermanence  


Rosa’s work is conceived of her inner world of impressions, experiences and conversations.
While personal experience is at the centre of her sculpture practice, it is often through outward connections to community or site that her work unfolds. She consistently explores the tensions between material form and ephemeral light/shadow interplay and her work seamlessly crosses between the platforms of public art and personal professional practice.
The mild steel works, are part of a series of works related to a permanent wall installation at Crown Casino’s Teak Room titled ‘El Pañuelo’.
Rosa draws much inspiration from small treasured objects that are usually inherited or discovered. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally and has received important public, private and site-specific commissions in Victoria.

In 2016 Rosa’s artwork, a site-specific permanent artwork for Wyndham City at Saltwater Community Centre, was unveiled.