Pete Groves

Out to pasture

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Capturing life’s special moments.
“Painting is the way I recreate and re-live observations and experiences.”
Creating an atmosphere, a world, where harmony exists between nature and the man- made, Pete Groves’ paintings have a lyrical quality that conjures a reality far from the austerity of the everyday.Pete began to make a living from painting while living for several years in Mexico, surrounded by a rich culture, colour, history and great friends. As well as exhibiting in numerous successful solo and selected group exhibitions for the past 22 years, Pete has painted numerous murals, theatre sets, illustrated for childrens books, wine labels, posters and book covers.
Pete’s work is represented in private collections in Australia, the USA, Japan and London, including the BHP Billiton London collection.
If you would like to see more artwork or be kept up to date with new art releases, contact Pete or 0408421955