Pamela Mujica

Katrina (Crochet silver plated wire square earrings)

Size: 4 to 5 cm

PAMdesigned was born when Pamela combined her crocheting skills that she learned from her mother and the new skills learned in Peru called Peruvian stitch and offers pieces made with fine silver 99.9, copper and silver plated wire. PAMdesigned includes semiprecious gems such as lapiz-lazuli and Swarovski.
Pamela Mujica was born in Santa Cruz, Chile. She was working in a winery as a guide and as a Spanish/English translator before she arrived in Australia 2010 after a major earthquake destroyed her family home. After having her third child at the age of 44, she started looking at options to use her creative skills in a way that could generate income, she gets to spend time at home with her children – her inspiration – and be creative at the same time. She loves the flexibility that comes with the business, especially when women’s reactions to her products are so positive.