Nikki Bognuda

‘Rose di Gratitudine’
28cm x 35.5cm


As a child I loved drawing but never explored paint until about five years ago. I began using acrylics and then progressed to using oils soon after.

I enrolled for a term in an oils class at the Petruccelli Art Studio which gave me some guidance on basic skills and techniques that I didn’t know, but I have loved just learning about tones and colours by trial and error.

I have very little free time to paint due to other responsibilities so painting is my time out and where I can lose hours forgetting about everything going on around me.

I took on a challenge in 2017 to prepare for my first exhibition as part of the Casey Art Spaces program. I put together eighteen pieces in a body of work called “Wings And Petals”.

In the future, I plan to expand my interest in still life and revisit portraits.