Nicki Sideris

Mirror Art
25cm diameter

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Nicki Sideris is a Melbourne based mosaic mirror and glass artist. She loves working with mirror and coloured mirror to create engaging statement piece artworks that are unique and mesmerising.

She was first inspired by mosaic art while in Pompei in 2009. After completing a short course she quickly discovered that she loved working exclusively with glass and mirror. That year, she set up Mirror Envy.

Her inspiration is to make beautiful things! Her classic, traditional mirrors are inspired by the designs of the Art Deco era, recognisable by their geometry and repeated patterns. In contrast, her contemporary mirrors are inspired by diamonds, vibrant in colour and more dynamic in design.

She has exhibited her works at the Brunswick St Gallery in 2015, Drysdale’s Festival of Glass and the Mt Eliza Art and Design Show in 2017. This is her second year exhibiting at the Red Hill Art Show.