Nic Robertson

‘Screaming Jesus’
37cm x 26cm

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Nicholas is a local artist working traditionally and digitally since 1995. Prior to that, he was a commercial designer. Nic’s emphasis is on drawing and observing people and everyday life and how that impacts on our political and economic decisions, and how these decisions are made with a limited but rapidly growing awareness of our ecological and biological restrictions.

Nic’s interest is basically the duplicity of the human condition in our judgments of needs and desires and the contradictions we create within that process. Nic’s practice varies between screen-printing and Giclee sometimes combining elements of both. Nic is moving from traditional pencil to the apple pencil as an artistic tool. He finds, once printed on quality paper, the difference between traditional printing and digital printing is hardly discernable. Freedom to pursue ideas is almost limitless and this seems an appropriate way to try to observe our present time.