Nadine Trigg

“Spirit Feather” Pendant
Sterling silver hand fabricated 3.8 cm long

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Precious Peggy Jewellery by Nadine Trigg.
Nadine’s studio is located in Dromana where the mountain meets the sea.
She has sold her Jewellery in art shows and galleries around Victoria since 1996. All of her pieces are personally designed and created using both traditional and contemporary techniques.
Nadine completed 3 years of a gold and silver-smithing apprenticeship until the business sold. She then went on to graduate from an Advanced Diploma of Engineering in Jewellery and Gold-smithing.

Nadine takes inspiration from her environment, which is ever changing like the seasons.

“As the ocean cannot deny the pull of the moon, I will always be drawn to work with metal as a means to express myself.”