nadine jolley stormy_pier

Nadine Jolley

Stormy Pier
oil on linen
116cm x 116cm

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Seeking to create ephemeral adaptations of places visited I work using mixed media on paper or canvas.I like to work from images on camera of the places I have visited.Mediums allow the image edges to blur and bleed, creating organic branching off allowing a graduation from the photographic image, and to abstract the image as it slowly animates itself.Working in this way, it forces me to let go of how I think the image will work or look.To use the areas that slip away overlapping, blending into each other, helps me to arrive at the point in each work, where it stops being about the photograph arriving into a work in and of itself.There is both a conscious and subconscious battle that goes on, that is a dichotomy between ideas like alienation, concealment, powerlessness, and apathy which probably represents these often curtailed emotions hemorrhaging out into the deserted, abandoned landscape.