Lacie Jewellery

Lacie Jewellery

Sterling silver and yellow gold hinge ring.


Having always been creatively inclined, and in particular in the areas of drawing and painting, Alice Moser always figured that she would end up working in some sort of artistic field. After recieving high commendation for a collection of jewellery she designed for her year 12 Art finals, she decided to delve further into the magic of jewellery making and improve her knowledge. After months of extensive research and a lot of trial and error, Alice created Lacie Jewellery in 2013.

Alice’s work incorporates one of a kind stones and solid precious metals that she sources from around Australia in order to create her hand crafted, character-filled pieces, all lovingly made in her studio in McCrae. Alice hopes that in every piece the wearer is able to notice and admire the time and love that has gone into its creation and relish the fact their piece is uniquely their own