Joanne Piechota

‘St Andrews XV’
Giclee art print on heavy weight archival 100% cotton art paper
110cm x 76cm

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Joanne has been obsessed with photography for as long as she can remember.

Her photographs give people a sense of serenity and calm. They pull the viewer into an inner landscape, whisking them away to another world, the same feeling she has when capturing the image.

While she shoots with a digital camera, she works as if she’s using film, in-turn creating very special imagery. All the work is done whilst capturing the image. She uses little to no Photoshop in the post production of her images.

She works in the wee hours and is usually on her way to location while people are still out enjoying their extended Friday night drinks. She is often alone on location, knee deep in freezing cold ocean water as she witnesses the beauty of dawn breaking.

Inspired by contemporary Australian painters, her photography captures beautiful brush stroke textures without any digital manipulation.