Jackie Jennings

‘Horse Work
Pipi, Cuba, 2013’
920mm x 725mm

Jackie has always had a passion for creation, especially fashion and photography. Her work as an accessories designer has led her to visit the most remarkable places, from India, Nepal to Turkey and Japan – always with her camera by her side. Travel is an education – an education about the world, but also about herself. Exploring other cultures has always been an inspiration for creative expression, both personally and professionally.

Jackie has always been fascinated with people. The way they interact, the way they hold themselves – This everyday observation is especially interesting when part of another culture, and this has undoubtedly influenced her photography style. In all the countries Jackie has travelled, she has tried to remain anonymous, in the hope she can capture something, a slight ‘moment of magic’.

Jackie studied photography at the Photographic-Imaging-College in Melbourne. Jackie’s first solo exhibition in 2015 at Yering Station showcased 81 works, spanning 10 countries.