Eddie Gaber

Banjo Boy
H1005mm X W1450mm

Eddie Gaber, photographer, born in Transylvania, migrated from Germany in 1973 with his young family and lived in St.Kilda, near the beach for the first two years. Every night after work he went beachcombing and found his first piece of driftwood ” Ned Kelly’s Helmet”, part of a stranded boat. Over time Eddie collected mountains of battered driftwood along the coastline between Cape Schanck and Warrnambool and produced eight large format collages of different characters like, BANJO BOY, JINJILLY, DON QUIXOTE, CORRIDA, FLAMENCO, FISHERMAN, NED KELLY and EUEKA STOCKADE.
“To start a new picture all you need is one piece with a prominent feature- to find the theme, then it’s just a matter of adding to the puzzle.