Donna Taylor

‘African Goddess’
Each one of Donna’s illustrations are hand drawn by layering dots, thousands of tiny dots. The African Goddess is one of the signature pieces in the Dots by Donna collection. African Goddess took 120+ hours to dot.

594mm x 420mm (print)
765mm x 575mm (framed)

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Donna Taylor, local Mornington Penisula artist is a creative genius with an immense talent for the drawing technique known as stippling or pointillism. Channelling this amazing gift Donna’s patience, discipline and love for drawing in dots, has quite literally turned into works of art.

Each original artwork comes down to dots and thousands of them forming unique and incredibly beautiful visuals, ranging from animals to dream catchers and the highly coveted African Goddess print.
Donna’s illustrations are all original and come with a life of their own, with each piece taking from 40-200 hours to complete.

It is quite remarkable that every single detail from small features, to hair strands and single expressions are all made up from the layering of thousands of dots and done so completely free hand. Nothing is traced and the integrity of her artistry is paramount in every piece.