Diane Williamson

Coober Pedy Opal Country 61cms x 90 cms


My art is about LOVE and a way to distill the beauty I see in life so that others may also appreciate it. I aim to uplift and alert my own and the public consciousness to a higher level of recognition of the good and the beautiful, the uncontaminated and pure in the world. I look for the spiritual qualities in what I am painting in order to give added meaning, as material life without spiritual depth is meaningless to me. Our mental environment affects our physical environment so its essential to direct this in a positive way. This entails looking beyond the outward physical sense of things towards ideas instead.
I see inspiration everywhere and try to delineate the idea of multitudinous facets of nature working together in harmony without man’s intervention.
Lastly, if ARTISTS don’t bring the beauty and harmony of the world
to our attention, WHO WILL????