Chloe McColl

Gem Cluster Hoops.
Sterling silver. 5cm x 5cm

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Chloe started Chloe McColl Jewellery upon completing studies at Monash University. She is the sole trader of the business and handcrafts and designs all the jewellery from a small studio in the coastal town of Dromana. Chloe’s local coastal surroundings have become the inspiration and motivation behind the brand.

Chloe has always been creative and found great passion in making objects with her hands. It made sense that she fell into jewellery and metals where she could embrace this love of handcrafting. Chloe feels that jewellery making is as much about the creation process as about the final product and loves to leave evidence of the handmade in each piece. The brand started from her passion to make, to explore different creation techniques, her love of silver and gold as a medium, and creating small wearable objects of art.