Celia Dymond

‘Forced accidents – Coastal (a)’
Photograph, Archival prints by CPL laboratories
120cm x 120cm

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Celia Dymond is a designer who paints and takes photos.

As a sailor and photographer her Holga pinhole camera travels with me everywhere.

The intent was capture the edges of land to water. The feeling of sailing in the ocean. A sense of being out in the open space, and the sensation of being surrouned by water. Using a Holga 120 format, pinhole, Celia has little but her visual intentions of what the image will, or could end up being.

She works with a collection of aged, and heat damaged film stocks. Stored over years, in varying conditions. The process of forced manipuation or forced error is a subject and area that she has been delving into over the past few years.

This drive for forced accidents is in direct conflict to her professional career as a design director where there is an expectation and pursuit of excellence in detail.