Catherine Hamilton

A Walk Around the Headland


Catherine lives on The Mornington Peninsula. She is a respected artist and tutor and has been teaching and lecturing for over 25 years throughout Australia and overseas

Catherine’s work is distinctive, bold, vibrant and full of energy. She works in various media but pushes the boundaries in various exploratory and innovative techniques. She uses the medium to create unusual effects using glazes, and applying the paint with various applications. Catherine works in Pastel, Acrylic, Oil and Charcoal and mono print.

Catherine work is a reflection of personal experiences and recollection. Working from memory or from sketches made on sight, to capture time and place within the subject.
Her figurative and portrait images are created from drawings of the sitter.

Catherine is an award winning artist and has exhibited in the UK and Australia.
Catherine is a full time Tutor, lecturer and full time Artist