Bernadette Pilli

TITLE: Mapping the Baltic lll
600 X 460mm

Bernadette is mostly interested in how we shape and map the abstract notion of memory and the journeys made through the familiar, and forward into the unknown. Travelling to and travelling from; returning and leaving.The idea for each specific work begins with a snapshot, taken from a moving car or plein air sketches. In the studio each work is then developed from such scenes and old topographical and navigational maps of that same area. Usually, the map is drawn up on a large flat surface, and then overlaid with an image of the landscape. Or visa versa. From there the work evolves, moving constantly from the map to the image and back. On completion the picture evokes personal memories of persons travelled with, conversations, changing seasons… Her intention is to revisit the feeling of a place, to transform memory, to record something specifically recalled from that experience.