Amber Tumino

‘Dotty Bowl’
mini: 10cm x 5cm
standard: 18cm x 8cm

After completing secondary school, I knew I wanted to pursue Art and Design at a tertiary level. Unsure exactly which method to study, I enrolled in a Diploma of Art, Design and Photography. From there, I was excepted into a Bachelor of Fine Art at Monash University, where I pursued my honours. During my final year at University, I began working as a Glassblowers assistant in the Mornington Peninsula. For almost five years I refined my level of skill working alongside reputable artists, making both production work and commissioned pieces. During this period, I made the decision to go back and further my studies to become an educator in Art and Design, whilst working as a solo artist. I have almost four years’ experience now as a passionate and energetic teacher and absolutely love the balance of creating art and being in the classroom teaching.